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Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders 

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Lisa Lilenfeld, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Argosy University (Washington, D.C.).

In the Spring of 2007 Dr. Lilenfeld left her senior faculty position in the psychology department at Georgia State University to join the faculty at Argosy University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Lilenfeld is deeply committed to a scientist-practitioner model. While at Georgia State University, Dr. Lilenfeld directed a clinic for individuals who suffer from eating disorders where she trained numerous doctoral students to work with this population. Dr. Lilenfeld has also conducted numerous empirical studies and has published dozens of articles on eating disorders in peer-review journals.

In the current video Dr. Lilenfeld begins with a brief overview and critique of the existing diagnostic categories of eating disorders as well as a brief discussion of the phenomenology of these disorders. Next, Dr. Lilenfeld presents a number of interesting findings concerning the relationship between personality traits and eating disorders. This leads to a discussion of identified risk factors for eating disorders and state-of-the-art assessments used in the field. Empirically supported treatments for eating disorders are presented. Additional treatment approaches currently undergoing empirical study also receive some attention. This is both a research-oriented and clinically oriented workshop, guided by recent findings in the areas of etiology and treatment.

Following the lecture portion of the video, Dr. Lilenfeld is interviewed about specific treatment challenges encountered when working with individuals who suffer from eating disorders. In addition, Dr. Lilenfeld presents three illustrative case histories. During the interview and case histories Dr. Lilenfeld imparts invaluable insights and advice from her wealth of experience treating individuals who suffer from eating disorders.

Video Content by Section

Lecture, Part I: Phenomenology and a review/critique of DSM categories of Eating Disorders. Risk factors and the relationship between personality characteristics and eating disorders.

Lecture, Part 2: Assessment of eating disorders. Empirically-supported treatments.

Interview: Dr. Lilenfeld responds to practical questions concerning particular treatment challenges and treatment strategies.

Case history #1: A relatively high-functioning patient with anorexia.

Case history #2: A severe case of bulimia.

Case history #3: A case that is messy diagnostically and typical for outpatient settings.

Learning Objectives: After viewing this program, you will be able to...

1) describe each of the current diagnostic categories of eating disorders.

2) cite empirically-based risk factors for eating disorders.

3) describe empirically-supported treatments for each eating disorder.

CE credit: 3 hours

Dr. Lilenfeld does not receive funding from any corporate or private entities.

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