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An Interview about 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology 

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Scott Lilienfeld, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Emory University.

In this video, Dr. Lilienfeld is interviewed about a number of the topics addressed in his latest book, 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology (Lilienfeld, Lynn, Ruscio, & Beyerstein). These are the questions that every mental health professional is asked ...and often does not know. Do individuals with dyslexia reverse letters or misread "dog" as "god"? To what degree is hypnosis an altered state of consciousness? Are any clinical applications of hypnosis supported by scientific research? How heavily do life circumstances affect each individual's happiness? Could each of us have a "set point" for our happiness? Should we teach our clients to vent their anger by yelling or hitting a pillow? Does such behavior reduce the individual's risk for aggressive behavior or increase it? Does recent research support a relationship between a cancer patient's emotional condition and the course of their cancer? Does a negative attitude predict shorter survival time? Dr. Lilienfeld provides answers to these intriguing questions (and many more) in the current video.

Learning Objective: After viewing this video, you will be able to distinguish common myths from facts about...

1) the core deficit in dyslexia
2) appropriate clinical applications of hypnosis
3) factors that influence human happiness..

CE credit: 1 hour

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