photo of Dr. Greenaway Scott Greenaway, Ph.D.

Psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety and depression, as well as teaching coping strategies to individuals who suffer from ADHD and learning disabilities. Works with both adults and children. Offers groups for parents who have children with emotional and behavioral disorders.
Psychologist in Atlanta (Located in Century Center: Clairmont and I-85).
Phone: 404-248-1159 ext.307

photo of Dr. Lancelot Cynthia Lancelot, Ph.D.

Psychologist specializing in psychoeducational testing including the assessment of learning disorders (e.g., reading problems or dyslexia), ADHD, emotional and behavioral disorders, and developmental disorders. Extensive experience conducting assessments required for individuals who wish to pursue accommodations on high stakes tests such as the SAT.
Psychologist in Atlanta (Clairmont and I-85). Phone: 404-625-6404