How To Find a Good Therapist

Identify several clinicians in your area who are well-trained, such as those listed on our page for your city. (Also see our web page on Top Psychology Training Programs.) Phone interview each candidate with a couple of goals in mind. First, you want to know whether the clinician generally values research. Select a therapist who knows whether some forms of therapy have been shown to be more effective than others for your problem. The second goal is very subjective and simply involves getting a feel for the therapist's personality. Having a warm, trusting relationship with your therapist is very helpful. However, keep in mind that you do not have to love your therapist. You are looking for a discerning professional, not necessarily someone who leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy and not necessarily a great salesperson.

Psychologists are busy professionals, so have key questions in mind when you call to interview them. The website for division 12 of APA (American Psychological Association) lists some great questions to ask potential therapists. See the section entitled 'To discuss this issue with you therapist, we recommend asking these questions:.' (This section is toward the bottom of their web page.)